Bill in Greece!

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“The best part of my internship was probably the people and the friendships I made. Through my experience, I’ve met some of the coolest, most wonderful people ever. They came from everywhere – China, Finland, Jordan, Brazil, South Korea, Armenia, Australia – and so on. We lived together, went to work together, and I mean, we pretty much did everything together. We were 5 guys crammed into a small 2 bedroom apartment – so even if we wanted to avoid each other we really couldn’t. So we all became super close. There were 11 interns in total living in a bunch of apartments in the same building, and it totally had an university dorm feel. After a while, you’d think it became awkward but it really didn’t. The other interns were awesome, the people who hosted me at my workplace, and members of the local committee all came together to give me an awesome experience. Hands down, the people you meet and the friendships you make on exchange are the best part. You won’t regret it! After the internship ended, a bunch of us even travelled together to Italy. I highly recommend AIESEC.”

– Bill Lu