Magalie in Poland!

My trip in Poland was life-changing. I had the chance to live in two different host families living in the countryside. I then moved to a university dormitory in Cracow. Polish people are welcoming, generous and warm-hearted. My experience in host families gave me the opportunity to understand a culture under amazing circumstances and from a different perspective. I learned about their traditional dishes, religion, cultural and social norms, historical background, the current political state of the country, etc.  My work, which consisted of teaching English and presenting my culture in kindergarten, primary school and middle school, was challenging but I managed to overcome the language barrier, which is something I am definitely proud of. Poland has a rich history and is definitely worth exploring. I believe that the best way to understand its complexity and its people is through cross-cultural experiences such as those offered by AIESEC.

Beside discovering Poland, I had the chance to meet new people coming from all over the world. I made friends with people from Brazil, India, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand and China. I’m more than grateful to have been part of such a unique project and to have acquired leadership and language skills, and practiced cross-cultural dialogues. I will always remember this experience and all the people I’ve met on my path in Poland. I definitely recommend AIESEC!!!


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