Sky in Morocco!

As ambassadors of the UN, we’ve been promoting the third of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My 7 teammates and IĀ got to interview over 300 people, host 2 workshops with local students and presented the results of our research so far. It is perhaps the most meaningful project that I’ve taken part so far. Health is such a huge issue in Morocco and we try our hardest to find solutions for Moroccans to live in a better country.
Moroccans are extremely friendly for the most part. This is the first time that I witness local people actually taking the time to thank and welcome tourists. Tagines and couscous were among the many local meals that I got used to eating in Morocco. As well, the weather in Tangier has been extremely comfortable. These beach-days will be missed!
I look forward to participating in more AIESEC projects and to represent this organization as best as I can in the upcoming years.
Thanks for this great opportunity, AIESECers!
Sky Shi
MA 3 (1) Moroco 1 MA 4