A Year Without Rain [Mednine, Tunisia]


While visiting the South of Tunisia we stopped in a small, isolated village called Mednine to work at the local school. We walk into a sort of courtyard area where the 70+ kids, ranging from ages 6-18, are awaiting us. They look at us with big, bugged out eyes- we are two Canadians, one French, one Taiwanese, and one Brazilian (along with many Tunisians from the non-profit we were working with). For the majority of the kids it is their first time seeing an Asian or African American (despite Tunisia being in Africa). So here we are, standing in the courtyard, starting to make the kids smile and feel more comfortable with us when all of a sudden there is thunder in the distance. And suddenly there is rain. Not buckets of the stuff, but enough. The director of the school tells us that this is the first time it has rained in over a year. I will never forget the kids’ happiness. This was the best kind of culture shock-it reminded me how important it is to find a way to appreciate the most basic things in life.

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