QRC- Quebec Regional Conference 2013 was the very first conference that I attended. Not only I was bombarded with amazing successful stories and what it truly means to be an AIESEC, I also got to know so many awesome and passionate people. I had so fun being part of the[...]

QRC 2013


So, I was one of the lucky people who, almost immediately upon joining AIESEC, got to go to a conference. Man did that change my entire view of what AIESEC is. I went to the Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Region Conference (OQA) 2013, which was hosted in Montreal. The first day[...]

Welcome to AIESEC


What stuck with me most was all the shouting, the moves and all the French! In three days, I learned more chants and dances than I have learned in my entire life. Now I go out with friends to a club, and all I can do is wobble around doing[...]

QRC 2012: Is this a cult?


Couldn’t have asked for a better team or place or event to finish off my career with AIESEC. Hosting NC 2012 in Montreal as a combination of 2 LCs was one of the most intense, hilarious, time-consuming, psychosis-inducing things I ever committed myself to. But, you can bet that I[...]

OC for NC 2012


Simulation at NC 2013 will always be a conference highlight for me. Simulation is an intense 5 hours reenact of what a local committee goes through in a full year. From Outgoing Exchange raising Exchange Participants, Communication and Marketing promotion, Talent Management recruitment, Finance budgeting, Incoming Exchange matching to even[...]

Simulation at NC 2013


In March of 2013 a delegation of 7 members was sent to attend an AIESEC conference in New Jersey and I was a part of it. Attending trainings for long hours every day, partying at night, socializing with students from all across America and learning from others experiences made this[...]

Roks Conference in New Jersey