Another month, another AIESEC travel adventure. This time a CEEDership (Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development) in Saint.Petersburg, Russia. (Привет из России) Although I haven’t been here a long time, I’ve already met people from all corners of the world such as Italy, Austria, India, Romania, Indonesia, Lithuania, Bulgaria. Another reminder[...]

Привет из России (hello From Russia) [St Petersburg, Russia]

Welcome to Guate

I was scared to go to a new place for an extended period of time, but the moment I landed in Guatemala and saw a tiny curly-haired girl waving a bit yellow poster that said AIESEC on it, I knew I would be okay. Thank you AIESEC USAC for giving[...]

Warm welcome in Guatemala!


It’s my first time in a Muslim country, let alone a Muslim country during Ramadan. As I mentally prepare myself to join in with the fasting, my neighbours who I’ve slowly been recognizing as family have already started their preparations – one more week til Ramadan. Today, they made Chebekia,[...]

Chebekia for Ramadan [Rabat, Morocco]

Wroclaw, Poland

On the very first night in Wroclaw, Poland, I was invited by a bunch of Polish students living in the residence I was staying at to join their party! They offered me the authentic Polish Vodka and told me how to cheer in Polish. “Na Zdrowie!”, they told me repeatedly[...]

Na Zdrowie [Wroclaw, Poland]


Talk about cultural differences. It was St. Patrick’s day so I was telling my friends that we should make pancakes! So Ania from Poland came with pancake ingredients and said we could make them! They weren’t going to be green pancakes, but I have a really vivid imagination so, meh.[...]

Pancakes. [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]


2 summers later, I can still remember every detail of those life-changing 8 weeks in Turkey, in a small welcoming city called Denizli. Teaching at HeyDil Atölyesi was a great experience: we were many interns coming from every corner of the world, from Mexico to Morocco, to Slovakia, Turkmenistan, etc.[...]

Merhaba Türkiye ! [Denizli, Turkey]


Each morning in India, I would wake up to these abrasive heat that made me dread the idea of going to work until I remember one small delight I’d treat myself to, fresh coconuts! It was a delicious way to get a cooling, cheap, and fairly healthy breakfast. It’s often[...]

Coconut Mornings [India]


Over ten weeks had passed, and I could call this home. Both of my Peruvian host families had truly adopted me, my students had taught me more than I could ever aspire to teach them, and the friends I had made knew me in the most unique way. I knew[...]

Goodbyes [Chosica, Peru]