This one time… a curious boy walked into an AIESEC General Member Orientation. It was crowded, bustling, and somewhat disorienting. With two years of university behind him, he thought he knew a lot. An eager beaver no more, he was skeptical, and somewhat jaded. Buzzwords like “Learning opportunity” and “living[...]

A Moment in Time


My experience with AIESEC started when I went on exchange to Wrocław, Poland in the summer of 2012. AIESEC promised a unique, fulfilling internship and an unforgettable experience and my internship lived up to those expectations. From meeting so many people who had never set eyes on a Canadian before[...]

1.5 years of AIESEC


I feel that AIESEC is a really great place to develop yourself. It is hard to find such a flexible and diverse organization comparable to AIESEC at the student level. The saying “you get what you put in” is quite true in AIESEC, the opportunities are unlimited… The question is:[...]

Your Sandbox.


The beauty of AIESEC is that a large number of students with great passion and dedication towards a common goal work together in an extremely organized, professional, yet a fun style. My experience in Outgoing Exchange Portfolio has been nothing but a blessing as I have got to meet so[...]

Organized Passion


It saddens me knowing that this combination will probably never be seen again. However, I am glad at the same time knowing that this change is for the better and we have grown as AIESECers. Even though I’ve only known these guys for a year, I had such a wonderful[...]

Bonding Night


The first team I join in AIESEC was the Team Leadership Program (TLP). I had the most amazing team members and it’s because of them, more than anything else, that I was happy I joined AIESEC. We were only 4 members, but we were a powerhouse of activity. There are[...]

My first team in AIESEC

step back step forward

My first official day at AIESEC McGill was a huge eye opening one. Before I knew it, I was in a global community, meeting people from my university I would have never met, getting out of the Engineering bubble, learning a lot about myself through activities that put things into[...]

First day at AIESEC McGill

ICX Family

After working together with my fellow ICX-ers in the capacity of sales representatives for a few months, I knew that I could call them my friends. It was at the end of April 2013–when realizing that I would not be seeing their beaming faces, receiving their warm hugs, and laughing[...]

ICX: My home away from home


Just a few months ago, my team was successfully able to organize an amazing AIESEC Banquet with an OSCAR Awards theme. This event was one of my biggest accomplishments as a member of AIESEC McGill. Amazing buffet, dance performances, awards and recognition and even a DJ; everything made this night[...]

AIESEC McGill Banquet