Chebekia for Ramadan [Rabat, Morocco]


It’s my first time in a Muslim country, let alone a Muslim country during Ramadan.

As I mentally prepare myself to join in with the fasting, my neighbours who I’ve slowly been recognizing as family have already started their preparations – one more week til Ramadan. Today, they made Chebekia, a sort of sweet fried cookie covered in sesame seeds made carefully with love. I learned how to slowly wrap the flaps together to make the perfect shape, my sister neighbour showing me multiple times, making sure I get it just right. We were sending these particular ones to her brother-in-law who lives in the UAE.

As I concentrated in making the cookies, my mother neighbour and her friend were giggling, I looked up, asked them what they’re laughing about, they said with huge smiles on their faces, in broken French, “now we have someone else to help us!”

I couldn’t be happier.

Ramadan, here I come!

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