Coconut Mornings [India]


Each morning in India, I would wake up to these abrasive heat that made me dread the idea of going to work until I remember one small delight I’d treat myself to, fresh coconuts! It was a delicious way to get a cooling, cheap, and fairly healthy breakfast. It’s often these small variations from your normal life that you’ll remember the most from a trip abroad.

How often does a morning commute include speaking to a man wielding a Machete and explaining the type of coconut you’d like today as if it’s your local Starbucks fix?

Well even when that became my norm, Incredible India decided to throw me another surprise! One day I woke up and in a half daze; anticipating the cool taste of that coconut, I walked to my favorite coconut stand. I ordered my coconut and looked up and about 10 meters away from the stand was a giraffe. One might think this is a normal occurrence in India, but let me assure you it was not. I lived in central Hyderabad, which was a fast growing city with huge buildings going up all around me. And then, that morning, there was a giraffe. Out of nowhere. With no one around him.

I was baffled for about a minute; thinking how did a giraffe randomly get here? But then I decided like so many baffling things on my internship, either cultural, bizarre, or random, that I would just relish the mystery and not try to comprehend. I wouldn’t worry why something happened but instead enjoy that it did. A snapshot into another society that I’ll always remember.

Like the one morning I went on my normal routine of drinking a coconut and looked up to see a Giraffe.

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