Creating Connections at NLDC 2012


After having been in AIESEC for a few months, I decided I would go to my first conference, NLDC in May of 2012. Everyone was telling me that a national conference as my first conference would be intense, but I had no idea! I went to the pre-conference NSP, where I met other ICX/CRers from AIESECs all throughout Canada. For many of them, it was their first conference as well. The first night we all got together to meet each other and hang out, and by the time the actual conference had begun, we had already bonded. I made even more amazing friends at that conference, which really boosted my AIESEC spirit in time for the start of my role as summer marketer. The energy, knowledge and passion shared at the conference was absolutely overwhelming as a new member, but it was exactly what I needed to push me through the rest of my AIESEC career. And most importantly, those friends that I made on the first day are still close friends today. Not only have we been able to exchange information and help each other, but I have had the pleasure of watching and supporting them through their AIESEC careers, and they are now some of the most passionate, successful and amazing AIESECers I know. It’s great to be able to make those connections at conferences, whether it’s getting close to your own LC members or expanding your network on a national and international basis.

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