Merhaba Türkiye ! [Denizli, Turkey]


2 summers later, I can still remember every detail of those life-changing 8 weeks in Turkey, in a small welcoming city called Denizli. Teaching at HeyDil Atölyesi was a great experience: we were many interns coming from every corner of the world, from Mexico to Morocco, to Slovakia, Turkmenistan, etc. We worked in pairs, conducting conversation classes for our students, kids and teenagers but also adults. Everyday was special and fun in its own way !

However the people that really made my stay so amazing were my host family. Scary at first because they did not speak much english, but they revealed to be the nicest, most generous and welcoming family I could have hoped for. The first few days I would always wake up around 4-5am because of the morning prayer (the mosque was right in front of our apartment), I would usually hear the grandfather get up to pray. Once we started going out and exploring the city by night, I would have strange encounters with the grandpa as I sneaked in the apartment to find him awake getting ready to go to mosque.

Saying goodbye was really sad, but I’ll go back ! I adopted Turkey, its traditions and culture, tasty and spicy food, awesome drinks (if you are there and havent done so yet: have some ayran!), and the inspiring people I met.

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