My first team in AIESEC


The first team I join in AIESEC was the Team Leadership Program (TLP). I had the most amazing team members and it’s because of them, more than anything else, that I was happy I joined AIESEC. We were only 4 members, but we were a powerhouse of activity. There are so many memories, but this is one of my first and favorites – Our first team bonding activity. We went Ice-Skating together in the old port. It was the most hilarious thing. On one hand we had our Director, Sean, and Claire-Petersen who were both really great skaters. Then we had Gulce Yaman and myself – we inexperienced, novice skaters. And of course that meant lots of falling, and slipping, and falling again. BUT by the end of the evening, we were both doing nice slow glides around the ring on our own!! The best part was that not once did either of us feel embarrassed or left out. We all stuck together and had a great time.

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