My Hat Goes Off to You, AIESEC McGill


If I could find the right words to express how much AIESEC has changed my life I would put them here: __________________________. But honestly, there really aren’t enough words that truly describe just how amazing being part of AIESEC has been for me. From the beginning, I knew that AIESEC would challenge me in many ways. Before joining, I had never seen myself as a leader; I was not a leader, I was a follower and that was where I felt most comfortable.

AIESEC has taught me that I am a leader in my own right, and that what it means to be a leader is something unique to each person. So my hat goes off to you AIESEC McGill, for helping me see that I am a leader, giving me skills that I will take with me everywhere I go, providing me with the confidence to tackle new challenges, teaching me to go and make my own future, helping me to realize my own potential, and to finally close off this incredibly clichéd and cheesy sounding paragraph, introducing me to all the amazing people I’ve met throughout my AIESEC journey.

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