Simulation at NC 2013


Simulation at NC 2013 will always be a conference highlight for me. Simulation is an intense 5 hours reenact of what a local committee goes through in a full year. From Outgoing Exchange raising Exchange Participants, Communication and Marketing promotion, Talent Management recruitment, Finance budgeting, Incoming Exchange matching to even International Conference planning as a local committee president!

I’ll always remember that moment before starting the simulation, our local committee president sat us down and said, “Guys, this is our time to shine. 5 hours, give it your all, we’re going to win this.” That one sentence pumped us all up. We were ready to work as hard as we could in those 5 hours. I even remember there was a hour lunch break during the simulation and all of us were working while eating!

In the end, we took that title home. We had won the simulation at NC 2013. Our faces beaming with smiles, knowing we had fully deserved it.

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