We are fa-mi-ly, I got all my interns with me!


I was the first of the new summer interns at my non-profit NGO in Uganda . I was focused on doing work, getting started with my project and diving right into the AIESEC internship, because that was what I had gone there to do. What I came out with, was a lifetime’s worth of friendship, intense bonding, incredible learning and the insatiable feeling that I have the world at my fingertips. And this came from 2 months. Two months of spending every waking and sleeping moment with a group of strangers who ultimately became a family brought together from countries spanning all over the globe. In the picture above, are a Brazilian, a Norwegian, an American, a Dutch and a Canadian, who lived Ugandan lives and danced Ugandan dances. I flew back home feeling genuinely like I was a part of the global community and as if my new family across so many borders was just a few steps away.

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