Welcome to AIESEC


So, I was one of the lucky people who, almost immediately upon joining AIESEC, got to go to a conference. Man did that change my entire view of what AIESEC is. I went to the Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Region Conference (OQA) 2013, which was hosted in Montreal. The first day I showed up, there were so many people and they were all cheering and dancing and singing chants. I was (to be completely honest) a little freaked out. But it`s the BEST way to be welcomed because you can’t help but get excited, and pumped and inspired. It’s also when you realize how HUGE AIESEC is – how many countries, people, positions, and opportunities exist within this organization. I have had the privileged of growing up in South-East Asia as a Canadian and of travelling extensively from the moment I was born. I knew that I had joined the right organization when, during the break at the conference, I met people from Morocco, Pakistan, Sweden, Brazil and China within 30 minutes. I walked away from that conference physically exhausted and without a voice, but I also walked away with so many new friends, and stories and inspiration.

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